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RG COLORADO LTZ Dual Cab (10/2013-10/2016) in Black with Black Stitching

Code: B-T-BBLK-HOL-116NP

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$735 $625 inc GST

This Wetseat Bundle pack is suitable for all  RG Colorado LTZ (10/2013-10/2016) Dual Cab Models. The Bundle includes tailored Wetseat covers that fit like a second skin on both front and rear seats, we're also throwing in a free console lid cover!

Key features include:

  • Automotive Grade Premium neoprene rubber (Not Foam filled)
  • Designed and tested to over 15 Global and Australia OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards
  • 2.5mm-2.7mm Thickness
  • Highly Water Resistant
  • UV Stable
  • Abrasion and Chemically Resistant
  • Closed cell construction delivers superior seat cushioning
  • Sharkskin Embossing (Anti Slip Backing)
  • Cold Machine Washable (Gentle Cycle)

Bundled With

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Holden RG Colorado LTZ (10/2013-09/2016) Wetseat Neoprene Seat Covers - 2nd row
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Holden RG Colorado LX-LT (10/2013-09/2016) Wetseat Neoprene Seat Covers - Console Lid Cover
Caring for your Wetseat Covers:

For light marks and surface dirt, a damp cloth, chamois or wet wipes will generally do the job of cleaning them.
For heavier or more stubborn marks and stains, you can machine wash your Wetseat covers - please see below instructions for wash settings;
- Set to COLD wash
- Gentle cycle
- Use normal wash powder/liquid
For cleaning of the covers when subjected to salt water, sand or mud, try hosing down your Wetseat covers, then hang on the clothes line for 1 hour (ambient temp 20 degrees).
12 months

Why choose The Wetseat?

100% Australian

100% Australian

We Are Proudly
Australian Owned & Operated

Australian manufacturer

Australian Manufacturer

25 Years of Manufacturing in Australia
Local Staff, Australia Made!

OEM Quality

OEM Quality

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