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The Wetseat can be made in a variety of colour combinations to suit your style.

Have a dark interior? Why not go with a Black Neoprene.

Is your cars paint Red? Go for a Red Stitching.

Mayby you have Blue stitching throughout your interior, on your dash or steering wheel, so why not choose Blue Stitching for your Seat Covers to match it!

The Wetseat can be made in a Black or Mid-Grey coloured Neoprene.

Top Stitching is offered in Black, White, Charcoal, Red, Blue or Orange.

See all of our colour combinations below!

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Why choose The Wetseat?

100% Australian

100% Australian

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Custom Made

100% Vehicle Specific Covers
Caters for split folds, anchoring points plus more
2nd skin in fit

OEM Quality

OEM Quality

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