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Inland Australia, manufacturer of The Wetseat and leading OE Seat Covers, pioneered Side Seat Airbag Compatible Seat Covers back in 1999!
At The Wetseat we believe the safety of you and your passengers is paramount, that’s why we incorporate safety into the design of our neoprene seat covers. To ensure your safety is not compromised, we have now developed a special Airbag Seam that we utilise on all seat covers that are fitted to seats with Side Seat Airbags.
By using our specialised manufacturing techniques and utilising advance airbag seam technology, we can manufacture a neoprene seat cover that allows the side seat airbag to fully deploy unhindered by the seat cover in the event of a side impact. This means The Wetseat Neoprene Seat Covers would not adversely affect the performance of the seat fitted side airbags. Our special Airbag Seam will split open in an instant allowing the airbag to deploy correctly and protect you and your passengers.
It is important to note that if your car has side seat airbags you should never fit a seat cover that is not airbag compatible as it could affect the deployment of the side seat airbag. For peace of mind you can trust The Wetseat to have you covered!

If you are a previous customer with an open slit designed seat cover, we can offer you an upgrade to your backrest covers with the closed airbag seam. If you are interested in upgrading your backrest covers or to find out more info feel free to contact us: Call us Monday to Friday on 02 97249499 from 9am to 5pm EST


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